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5 Valid Reasons You Should Say No to Wigs

  • 13 November 2018
5 Valid Reasons You Should Say No to Wigs

Even though wigs can change your appearance instantly, it has its own disadvantages that can adversely affect your overall health and appearance. Most of the people today are going through hair loss problems, and in order to solve them straight away, they try different temporary solutions and wigs are one of them.

Not only wearing a wig will not solve your hair problems permanently, you also need to consider about durability, realistic look and flexibility for styling. So it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a wig for several years or this is your first time, you should know about the disadvantages of wearing a wig so that you don’t have to meet surprises after some time.

5 Valid Reasons You Should Say No to Wigs

Let’s have a look at the 5 Valid Reasons You Should Say No to Wigs.

1. Looks Unnatural

Even if a wig makes you look stylish in a matter of a few minutes, they always tend to look unnatural. In case it doesn’t match your natural hair or style, there are chances that you end up being embarrassed in front of your colleagues and friends. The fibres that are used in these wigs in Gurgaon makes the strands thicker and less natural looking than human hair fibres.

2. Wigs damage the Natural Hair

If you are frequently wearing wigs, it can damage your existing hair. No one would want to damage their remaining hair due to any reason. Wigs cause the natural hair to suffocate and damage.

3. Wigs Are Uncomfortable

Comfort comes first than any other thing. Wigs in Bangalore do make you look fashionable instantly, but what is the use if the whole day you are uncomfortable in wearing it? And if you will be comfortable, you will not be confident to carry that wig. It usually gets very uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing a wig. It can also lead to headaches and rashes in the long run.

4. Wigs are hard to Take Care Of

Carrying wigs is not an easy task, and they need a lot of maintenance. In fact, if you are wearing a wig on a daily basis; you will have to clean it as you will sweat more than usual. Moreover, the texture and style of the wig will change when you wash it. After that, it becomes difficult to re-create the original look of the wig. People also have to pay extra to get these wigs fixed again in Gurgaon.

5. Wigs are Expensive

No matter how convenient using a wig may seem, they are expensive. Wearing and maintaining a wig regularly can be expensive. Wigs in Bangalore that are made with real hair and have never been dyed are the most expensive. The cost of the wigs will depend on the fibres and quality of the wig. Synthetic-hair wigs are cheaper, but the tools and products used to keep them in shape cost a lot of money.

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