• 01 January 2019


A few loose hair strands here and there never bothers us but gradually when one fine day you see your scalp peeping at you in the mirror, that’s when sirens starts beeping. It indeed is a warning of the horrifying time to come! Hair loss and hair thinning affects our appearance greatly but balding throws us off completely.


As the name suggests Pattern hair loss occurs in a certain pattern. This can be witnessed both in men and women; but it predominantly affects a huge male population.

In males the pattern of hair loss is almost always receding hairline in front and/or loss of hair at the top. In females, it starts thinning near the center parting gradually covering the entire scalp.


There are varied reasons for losing hair and going bald but Pattern hair loss is a typical condition and it can be related to a few specific reasons.

1. GENETIC/INHERITED - Pattern Hair Loss is generally associated with genetic disposition and hence, is inherited. If there is a family history of baldness then you have chances of being plagued by it. In this the hair starts thinning and eventually the follicles miniaturize leading to balding.

2. HORMONAL IMBALANCE - Hormones are responsible for a balance in functioning of various parts of the body. Any imbalance in it leads to excessive hair fall and balding. In men, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is considered to be the main culprit for balding. Among females, post pregnancy hormonal changes may lead to balding. Apart from these, illnesses like Thyroid, Diabetes, etc. lead to severe hair loss conditions. Also, read about the truth behind DHT blockers!

3. STRESS & TENSION - A modern age curse is stress that impacts people all over the world, irrespective of their gender and age. Researches have seen a conclusive correlation between stress, anxiety and balding. In addition, it also triggers irregular sleep cycle, another reason for hair fall.

4. INFECTED SCALP - The scalp is the bed on which the hair follicles thrive, so in order to have healthy hair it’s mandatory to possess a clean and healthy scalp. Any infection or disease of the scalp, if left unattended, leads to balding.


Pattern Hair Loss is conceived to be a genetic problem but the way it’s impacting more and more people all over the world, it proves that other relating factors also work as a trigger.

If detected early, baldness can be avoided but once it reaches advanced stages, where the follicles miniaturize, then it is irreversible!


Availing the opinion and finding out the extent of damage should be the first step which Advanced Hair Check does thoroughly. Based on the stage of baldness, options can be availed. If miniaturization has occurred then hair transplant is the only option that can give you a headful of hair.

AHS has a number of exclusive procedures and techniques to overcome all kinds of hair loss. Its international reputation combined with long innings, guarantees best results. AHS gives you the advantage of most innovative, path-breaking and latest technologies. The professionals working for AHS are second best to none and therefore client satisfaction is guaranteed.

AHS not only offers best solutions but also the most exemplary services in the hair care industry!

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