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Of the numerous important factors that affect the health and growth of hair, porosity plays a major role. Hair porosity refers to how porous your hair is & related to it is the very crucial analysis of the health of your hair. Porosity of hair can be divided into three categories -

1. Low Porosity - Low porosity means your hair will not absorb & sustain much of the moisture which will impact the health of your mane adversely. Such hair has closed cuticles, sealed tightly, making it difficult for water, oil & other hair care products to penetrate and nourish the hair.

2. Normal Porosity - Normal porosity means your hair is neither very porous nor less porous and is supposed to be the ideal condition for healthy growth of the tresses. Such hair is generally bouncy and voluminous.

3. High Porosity - High porosity again indicates a problematic hair as it will absorb the moisture in great quantity but it will also dry up equally fast. Naturally it needs large quantities of any product applied to the hair. Hair with high porosity tend to look dull and dry most of the time.


To deal with porosity problems of your hair it is important to be aware of varied reasons that causes this.

  • 1. Continuous use of chemicals - The harsh chemicals present in shampoo, conditioners, colours and bleach tend to damage the quality of hair.
  • 2. Various hair treatments - Treatments like permanent straightening and perming lead to affecting the porosity of hair.
  • 3. Blatant use of heating tools - Heating tools which are used for styling the hair, dry and damage the hair greatly.
  • 4. Exposure to pollution and heat - Going outdoors exposes your hair to heat and pollution which severely affects the health of hair.

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Hair of different levels of porosity need very different care regime.

1. Low Porosity -

  • Regularly go for clarifying washes to free product built up.
  • Mousses and Gels will be beneficial as they are lightweight products.
  • Oils like Jojoba, Grapeseed & Argan should be applied as they are light.
  • For best results all products should be applied to wet hair as the cuticles are open at that time.
  • Thermal heat caps would prove advantageous as it would promote the penetration of products.

2. Normal Porosity -

  • Needs to follow normal hair care regime as it absorbs and retains moisture.
  • Porosity can change if the hair is abused so do not use chemicals & heating tools frequently.

3. High Porosity -

  • Heavy products such as creams and butters work well on such hair.
  • Oils like Castor & Coconut will be beneficial as they are heavier.
  • Deep conditioning should be done regularly to improve its health.
  • Cold water rinse helps in closing the cuticles.
  • Heating hair should be avoided.


Evidently, hair’s growth and quality depends on understanding the porosity level of your hair’s porosity. Achieving normal level of porosity will reward you with ravishingly gorgeous & healthy hair!

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