Surgical Hair Restoration

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Strand by Strand ® The Ultimate™

A bald spot where the scalp has gone smooth and shiny means that the follicles beneath these specific areas are dead. Unfortunately, there is no treatment that has been invented by medical science that revives dead follicles for hair to naturally grow back. For such areas, AHS performs the world’s most advanced and sophisticated hair replacement procedure called Strand by Strand ® The Ultimate™. It is light years ahead in terms of the surgical hair restoration procedures currently being done today which are generally outdated.

Strand by Strand ® The Ultimate™ is a unique 1-day procedure performed by top doctors in the best OT infrastructure with new generation instruments by using the world’s latest technology. This high-end procedure is more than just a surgical hair restoration procedure. It gives you 100% natural growing , non maintenance hair that you can wear and style whichever way you want, without the pains of undergoing time consuming surgeries. In fact, there will be no need for you to stay overnight at the studio, as you can go home immediately afterwards and resume your normal daily activities the very next day.

Our Strand-by-Strand procedure can get your hairline back and frame your face, making you look 10 to 15 years younger, and ultimately making yourself feel more confident.

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