Advanced Hair Studio’s Blitz™

AHS BLITZ means performing a combination of two procedures…

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AHS BLITZ means performing a combination of two procedures (clinical or cosmetic) on one human scalp in order to guarantee a full head of hair to just about any man or a woman in the world suffering with genetic hair loss or a medical condition.

Advanced Hair Studio is the only company in the World performing combination of 2 procedures on one human’s scalp under the same roof: the combination of 2 clinical, clinical and cosmetic, or 2 cosmetic procedures which guarantees a full head of hair to any man or woman anywhere in the world. This has been achieved with 45 years of extensive, expertise and have best of the Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Tricologists, Hair Experts, Hair Stylists and Expert Hair loss Consultant working as 1 team, under 1 roof, with 1 vision to give a full head of hair to every human alive under the sun, who’s experiencing hair loss problem.

AHS is the only organization which offers two clinical and two cosmetic procedures along with a wide range of products for all hair loss related problems. In clinical hair procedure, AHS offers – Advanced Laser Therapy treatment (ALT) and Strand by Strand the Ultimate while in cosmetic hair procedure AHS offers Strand by strand (Cosmetic) and Flashpoints.