Client Testimonials

Alok Jain, Bangalore

I lost my hair when I was 20. I tried many treatments but nothing worked. Today I’m a client of Advanced Hair Studio in Bangalore and it has completely changed my personality. I definitely look 10 years younger than earlier!

I am very happy! And I want to thank Advanced Hair Studio for offering me Strand by Strand. It has helped me and I am sure it will help more people like me.

T. Francis, Bangalore

I am extremely satisfied with the results! In fact, I got more than I expected! All at AHS was very helpful in all respect. Experience at AHS was very pleasant, service excellence at its very best.

S. Gupta, Ahmedabad

Worth it! The people, the warmth, and the human touch are what we need when we face psychological problems like hair fall. I was in despair and feeling very down. This was the 3rd hair studio I visited and felt absolutely at ease… If you are feeling low and don’t understand what to do, give this place a chance and keep the faith. Wonderful humane people are there to help you out. All the best!

P.E., Melbourne, Australia

"So much like a natural head of hair I forget it's not my own. I have complete confidence that whatever I do it will always remain undetectable."

R. Sharma, Bangalore, India

“Procedure carried out in a professional manner. Very satisfied with the procedure and cooperation from the staff. The self confidence has improved and all known personal in my life, so I appreciate the outcome. I’m very impressed and happy with the outcome, I have already recommend to one of my friends and she is doing laser therapy now thank you”

P.O'H., Melbourne, Australia

"Your expertise, patience, fun and understanding mean so much to both of us. Paul's life has improved so much and you do the most brilliant job every time”

A. Vasudeva, Haryana, India

“It feels very good, give’s you totally natural look, before this procedure I have also gone through hair transplant(twice), but the result that I got through this procedure was beyond imagination , good job done, specially by my hair stylist (Silky). Thanks.”

M.A. Konig, Sydney, Australia

"I am writing to commend you on the terrific program that I have been in now for the past 5 years. To be completely honest since receiving your strand-by-strand my life has changed dramatically... The results in my life are truly remarkable, and I owe it in a large way to Advanced Hair Studio."

Anonymous, Wollongong, Australia

"I am a client of Advanced Hair Studio for nearly a year and have been very happy with their products and service. I would like to thank them for everything they have done to help me achieve my goal of having a full head of hair again and not having to worry about avoiding public places anymore. Thank you."

Lalit J., Bangalore, India

“I am really feeling the changes, and the most important part is that I don’t have to take care of my hair in public places, as I had been to Goa recently and I was very comfortable.

AHS has been very cooperative always. I’m impressed by the confidence of AHS, the style, and how they satisfy the client.

I don’t regret coming to AHS”

Bryan, Sydney, Australia

“I have been a client since Sept 2009. The Strand By Strand enables me to feel confident and definitely changed my life. I am very active in sport and swimming and with Strand By Strand it is like having normal hair and enables me to do all the normal activities with confidence. Advanced Hair Studio has given me brilliant service. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I am a happy customer and would like to remain that way for a very long time.”

Manish Nahata, Bangalore

For quite a long period of my life I was trying to get along with my hair loss problem. But it’s very difficult to ignore it…as in the morning, before facing the world, I had to face the mirror! So finally I decided to do something about it. I found the solution to my long lasting struggle at Advanced Hair Studio. They are really amazing! They are real professionals who know their craft inside out! Thank you Advanced Hair Studio!

T.Ghatge, Mumbai, India

When I came to AHS, I was experiencing a lot of hair loss and I was really worried about it.After a few sessions of Advanced Laser Therapy, all my hair loss stopped. And now my hair is looking better than ever.

A. Arora, Mumbai, India

I had undergone Strand by Strand cosmetic and I am very happy with this procedure and the service the staff has provide to me. But the most important thing during this whole treatment is that it has changed my life. Thanks to Advanced Hair Studio.

V.Baradiya, Mumbai, India

Good experience, friendly staff, very well trained doctors, perfect ambiance, EXCELLENT RESULTS.

A. Yadav, Hyderabad, India

This laser treatment takes control of hair loss. The results are unbelievable and I’m glad I had taken this treatment.The procedure and the products are very good, the staff and the ambiance are awesome.

I am very much satisfied with my results.

J.Shirazi, Hyderabad, India

Advanced hair studio is an excellent place to go for any hair problem. My experience with them was superb. The staff is very approachable and friendy. I had tried many treatments before but none of them worked Thanks Advanced Hair Studio for getting my confidence back.

S.Reddy, Hyderabad, India

I am very happy and satisfied with my result.  The service in advanced hair studio is very good.I’m planning to go for the Strand by Strand procedure as a recommendation from the doctor. Thanks you AHS!

W.Bawa, New Delhi, India

The hair laser is fantastic for thinning hair. After 4 months of treatment, I feel the difference. It’s amazing how the thin hair turned thick. Hair fall too is under control. Worth it!

Dr. P. Singh, New Delhi, India

No negative comments. I must say what all is required for customer/client satisfaction, one can have more than that here in AHS. Be it the smile that the staff carry all the time, or the flexibility in the appointment scheduling. Everything is perfect!

J. Jayaseelan, Chennai, India

The overall procedure was awesome and painless, nice hospitality and very nice infrastructure. Thanks to AHS for giving me my original appearance back.

A. Sujan, Chennai, India

I felt really good, it was an amazing experience. The doctor who treated me was very generous and a humble man and the team that performed the surgery was very good. I feel happy than ever with the treatment.

M. Prabhakaran, Chennai, India

I had a very good experience in AHS. Everyone attended to me well, I felt comfortable in every laser session and in the surgical treatment too.They explained to me each step very well and the service was amazing.

S. Mittal, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

“Before visiting AHS, I was low in confidence, I was that low I couldn’t explain my problem to any doctor before. After consulting AHS they really helped me out taking this decision for Strand by Strand. Its only 3 Days I had my treatment, the procedure was performed very nicely by experienced team of doctors and there was no pain, I hope I will re gain my confidence. All the credit goes to AHS, I am very thankful to their team, they are very cooperative and supportive”