Baldness Treatment

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Advanced Hair Studio offers 4 unique / patented and several other products and provides full service for the baldness treatment for people in any stages of hair loss condition:

– Advanced Laser Therapy
– Strand by Strand the Ultimate
– Strand by Strand Cosmetics
– Flashpoints
– Advanced Hair Magic
– Advanced Hair Studio fitness Program (AHSFP)
– Carl Howell Range of products


Advanced Laser Therapy ®

Advanced Laser therapy (ALT) is considered to be one of the best baldness treatments in the world to…

– Control hair loss and save existing hair.
– Thicken existing thin and weak hair.
– Re-Grow hair in areas where the hair follicles are still alive but deep rooted.
– To improve scalp condition.
– To improve the texture of hair.


Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic ®

Strand by Strand Cosmetic® is for people in advanced condition of hair loss. Strand by Strand Cosmetic ® is considered to be world’s most advanced and sophisticated non-clinical procedure and we have performed this procedure on over 1 million people in the last 45 years and we openly challenge the world that no company can come even 50% close to us in terms of the end results with the baldness treatment.

The best part of this procedure is that without if or buts it gives you a head full of hair back in every square centimeter of your scalp. It doesn’t hamper your lifestyle, it doesn’t involve any cut, anesthesia (local or general) or medication. And most importantly we make sure that we give you a head full of hair which suits your age, face, personality, profession and expectations.


Strand-by-Strand The Ultimate ®

For the bald spots and patches where your scalp has gone smooth and shiny, that’s a sign that the follicles beneath that particular area are more or less dead. And for that area unfortunately, as of today there is no baldness treatment invented anywhere in the world by medical science where they can revive your dead follicles and naturally grow your hair back.

So for this area AHS performs world’s most advanced and sophisticated hair replacement procedure called Strand By Strand ® – The Ultimate .The beauty of this procedure is that it is just a 1 day procedure but you get natural, growing, non maintenance, your own hair back for the rest of your life which you can wear and style according to your wish.

And most importantly it is performed by World’s top Plastic surgeons with new generation instruments and most advanced techniques.